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Adding new notes while in the Attribute Browser

I’m curating my notes and it dawned on me that it would be really nice to be able to add new notes while in the attribute browser. There could be a + button on the menu. When you added the note it would pick up the attribute values being pulled in the Query so that the new note stays in the attribute view. I’m wondering if this is possible.

It’s not implemented at present.

In the general case, it’s not always possible to know what changes to make to a note in order to have it satisfy a complex query. Even for a simple query, it can be tricky. For example:

$Price > 5 & $Price < 10

Should we set the price at 6? 9? 7.5?

$Price < $MaximumPrice

Should we satisfy this by change $Price or $MaximumPrice?


Should we write 50 words in the text of the new note? What should we write?

But of course this is possible, and desirable, in simple cases.

I keep the outline view in a tab and AB in another. If I need to add a note then I open the Outline and do that. If the note satisfies the scope of the AB, then the view will show it. I prefer this over the alternative of somehow messing up the AB. When there are dozens, hundreds, maybe a thousand or more notes in a carefully constructed AB tab then I’d rather not have the added distraction of figuring out what went wrong. So, I’d prefer not having the possibility suggested above.

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Thanks. Makes sense. I understand the need to streamline and not overcomplicate.

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