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Adjust default style preferences

Hi, I’m playing with the demo version of Tinderbox. One of my first aims was to adjust the background color of the map view and the notes. I could manage that, even if a bit tricky to find the right place for that. Then I tried to set these settings for future documents. Each document I create shall start with the same custom style/look. And at that point I got stuck. If no note is selected and I set a color for background or text nothing happens. Pretty obvious, because in the inspector it’s written ‘0 notes’. Ok, it seems that in the inspector I can only alter selected notes. Under ‘Document Settings’ I only can alter the appearance of the existing document like map background and so on.
Then I found the ‘Document Inspector’ tab. Again it seems that I only can change the settings for an existing document. But there is a setting called ‘Default’. Hopes raising. But if I then set under ‘System’ tab the category to ‘TextFormat’ and the attribute to ‘TextBackgroundColor’ the default field is deactivated with a preset color hex and ‘(preference)’ written behind that. And now I don’t know in which direction my next step should go.
Again, I know where to change the appearance for existing notes, map view and so on. But I want to set this for ever in every newly created document.

Thanks in advance for your help

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You can’t at present change the initial appearance for every newly-created document. But you can add a document set up the way you prefer to a favorites folder in the support folder, and use that as a stationery file.

You can also use color schemes to set up background colors, default colors, and such. You can make your own color schemes and apply them to your new documents; that’s the most popular way to do what you want to do.

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Further to the reply post above some links to some relevant documentation:

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