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Agent syntax trying to match more than one attribute

I’m driving myself crazy trying to do something simple, and so humbly seek help.

I want an agent to find notes of a single prototype, but to exclude those with a certain tag. All my efforts either don’t work or crash my Tinderbox.

For trying to find notes with an Event prototype that don’t carry the tag ‘remote viewing’ I’m trying variations of the following, none of which is doing it for me. Both work fine separately but together cause mayhem.

$Prototype=="Event" & !$Tags.icontains("remote viewing")

Could someone help? Thanks!

Sound odd. You’ve done the right approach in testing both query terms separately. It’s occasionally suggested using !(code) for negatives—i.e. a parentheses wrapper—to ensure the quey terms is properly evaluated. No harm in trying that. Thus:

$Prototype=="Event" & !($Tags.icontains("remote viewing"))

Just going into a call so can’t test right now.

Thanks @mwra, that seems to do the trick. Good to know.

Many thanks again.

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Hmmm! If you can find any of the crash logs from this mishap, I’d like to know what went wrong.

As a rule, programmers learn to enclose negated clauses in parentheses. For example, consider:

! $Tags.icontains(“remote viewing”) & $Prototype==“Event”

Does this mean

! ($Tags.icontains(“remote viewing”) & $Prototype==“Event”)


! ($Tags.icontains(“remote viewing”)) & $Prototype==“Event” ?

Even if you’re confident today that you know what you mean — and that Tinderbox knows as well — matters might be different next year when you need to refine this.

Thanks for this, Mark @eastgate, that makes sense. If I get more crashes I’ll grab the crash logs and send them over.