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Agent that queries prototype notes as aliases

Hi Everyone,

I’m two days in and l have a newbie question that I haven’t found answered on the forum (probably because I may be using the wrong terms).

What code would I use to create an agent that collects notes of a specific prototype.

Here is how far I’ve gotten: $Prototype=="note_prototype" which finds all of the notes on this type. What I can’t seem to figure out is how to make them visible inside the agent container.

For now I don’t want any sorting, just that they show up inside this agent.

Any help is appreciated including better search terms for further study.

If your agent reports it is finding things, then the aliases are there. In outline view, click the disclosure triangle to the left of the agents icon:


…to show the aliases:


In map view, select the agent:


…and either double-click in the child view area of the icon or use the down-arrow key. Either with drill down a level to show you the map within the agent and the aliases therein:


Does that help?


That did help. In outline view I noticed that my alias was not in the agent container. It was behind it. I deleted and re-created the agent and it is working as expected. Thanks again for explaining this to me.

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