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Another TB Backup question


  • Does TB does auto backup or revision of the notes ? IF yes where’s the setting to view/change ?
  • If not , are people doing daily/weekly backups ?
  • Is archiving .TBX file sufficient enough?

Tinderbox does save constantly in the background. I rarely lose data if the file has trouble.

My strategy is to have my Tinderbox files in Google Drive. You could use Dropbox or some other means. While I don’t have to use it often as I once did I find it really nice to go to my Google Drive and download an old version of a Tinderbox file. This process works exceptionally well.

So, to answer your question directly, yes achieving works just fine.

Tinderbox supports macOS’s file versioning. See **File > Revert To> and this article.

This feature requires an active Time Machine backup.

Mostly I depend on what Paul describes and have not had problems.

However for a few files that are very valuable, I am extra paranoid when using them. I use Chronosync scheduled daily to move an incremental copy of those files to a location on Dropbox. I use Hazel to keep the number of copies to a reasonable number by throwing away those that are considered too old.

This really is a belt and braces approach since I have two other daily whole disk backups. I’ve been burned in bad ways in the past even with precautions, hence the paranoia that sometimes takes hold.

Thank you guys,

@entropydave it so happens I use Hazel a lot (for few automations) but never considered this usage.

Not going into the details, but solutions such as Arq or Backblaze, and others, can provide some level of recovery of older versions – depending on the settings. (See the product websites.)

Also, depending on the plan, Dropbox provides 30 day or more version history.

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+1 to each of Arq and Backblaze. I have had great experiences with both and they are part of my backup approach.

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