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Any way to "anchor" a link's start and end point to a precise point on an image / adornment?

Title says it all:
Is there any way to “anchor” a link’s start and end point to a precise point on an image / adornment?

Suppose you have a screenshot with plenty of text, but want the anchor to point to a specific word, is there a way to do this?

Thx for sparking the idea!

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No. The image is essentially the ‘fill colour’ for the adornment. At present it would need someone to make a feature request to add the function you describe above.

Hi Mark, thx for your input;
Is there an “official” channel to post a feature request?
I had a look on the Eastgate.com site but didn’t spot a feature request section?



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No, simply email support info@eastgate.com and explain your use case.

As this is a user-to-user forum, raising the issue here doesn’t automatically make it a formal request. I used, as a community helper, pass on requests but came to realise that the best advocate is the person with the actual problem to resolve rather than someone who half understands it. Plus, it is often the case that the request is for and outcome and some discussion/elaboration is needed as to context so as to work out the actual changes needed in the app to allow that outcome.

I mention this as occasionally people will misinterpret the suggestion to make a feature request direct to Eastgate as an unfriendly to ignore the subject. Far from it. I just want to ensure that the developer gets a clearer statement of what is wanted. :grinning:

Unfriendly people?
Never met any on planet Eastgate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Storyspace used to do this, and it could be done again.

I do try to keep up with the forum, but as Mark Anderson said, email’s the best way to be sure I see the feature request.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for hopping in!
Good to hear it could be done again…

Wouldn’t it be interesting to ASK for other user’s view on this?
I will mail about this with a feature request.

(03-07-2019 changed poll => ASK)
I have a specific issue in mind which I will share with Eastgate; Perhaps the wording was not the best chosen [poll], but the idea behind it was that ‘more’ people bring ‘more’ idea’s to the table (discussion) depicting a broader area of [possible] usage to the developer.
Be it 10 people or 100 or 10.000 or even more will always be more representative than a single individual idea.

Getting other points of view is always useful. It’s also possible to write @eastgate and include references to specific thread(s) here in a “see also…” sense.

Wearing my rather battered hat as a sort of social scientist, I find myself wondering how a poll might be conducted such that it yielded worthwhile results. If you put it on the forum you might be lucky to get ten responses from people who happen to stumble across it and think it is sufficiently interesting or irritating to respond. I don’t know what the user base of Tinderbox is – but I could imagine it is into the thousands. Does Eastgate then accept or reject an idea based on such a small number? Perhaps I’m being too serious, but modifying software on the basis of the views of a small self-selected committee might not be a good idea.

Having said that, I like the idea of being able to anchor a link to a particular place.

Seems to me that Eastgate always makes its own decisions – there is no “majority rules” going on here. Forum posts or PMs or emails are just suggestions. What more are forums for? I read the OP’s suggestion as “maybe ask others for their views”. No more, no less.

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You are very probably right, but there have been some recent examples on the Scrivener forums of wishlist items resulting in some rather heated debate. Discussion of possibilities can be enlightening – but not always, sadly.

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It’s a market – the sellers make judgements about what to offer, and the buyers decide what to buy : -)

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Unfortunately I’ve been trained to look for complexity, not simplicity! :wink:

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Historically, we’ve avoided polls. One reason is to avoid warfare between users of different processes. Tinderbox users are a small group but a broad church - most (form 10+ community support) doing quite different or similar-but-different tasks. What suits one group doesn’t necessarily suit all, so polls don’t help. Polls also foster opinion-shopping.

The best way to lobby for a new feature is for someone, with that actual need, to write directly to the developer explaining what it is they need to do (or can’t do) and why. Having proposed a number of features myself along the way, I can attest that it is often hard as a user to know what’s easy/cheap to engineer and what’s hard/expensive or which has negative impacts on other groups of users who employ the app in a different way.

If it’s too hard or too much effort to contact the developer I’d assume the need isn’t that strong.

Reading this I know I have to enhance my question from May to a feature request:

I want a »show/hide-button for links« at least in the timeline view!

(Puh! I did it!)
I will copy this to info@eastgate.com though I know that Mark »Eastgate« Bernstein reads this forum frequently.