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Any way to get previous versions of Tinderbox?

I just downloaded 8.0.4. It crashes immediately when opening any of my Tinderbox files. I already emailed Eastgate, but in the meantime: can I download previous versions of Tinderbox so I can keep working on what I was working on?

I’d like to have a copy of the most recent Tinderbox 7, for instance. I’m not even sure of the version number, but that one seemed to be stable for me.

I remembered it was 7.5.x that I wanted, so I just tried numbers and ended up being able to download 7.5.6. So I’m set for now.

Also, if you’re having significant crash issue, don’t forget to forward the crash logs to support. LOgs can be found here: https://www.acrobatfaq.com/tb_clarify/using-os-x-finder-to-locate-crash-and-hang-logs.html

And it turns out we’ve solved this from @drowsyfervour’s crash logs. It’s a problem specific to macOS 10.13 — all is fine with 10.12 and with 10.14. And we’ll take care of the problem in the next release.