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Assigning a badge by agent - with $badge alone not visible

Hello! I have a simple agent that shall assign a badge to a note depending on a condition. It does not seem enough to assign it that way, because I cannot see the badge. :pensive: What fields do I have to additionally set to make the badge visible? Thanks in advance.

$TextLength > 1


This finds all notes where there is at least 1 character. If you’re looking for notes that have $Text, you could also simply query for:


The action code looks correct but I can’t find a built-in badge with the name “documents2”. The Symbols group of badges has a “document2” (i.e. no ‘s’ in it). Or you may be using a custom badge. Either way I’d double-check you are using the right name for the badge. Also note that badge names are case-sensitive so “apple” will not set a badge named “apple”.

:joy: OMG what a classic error. One reason I becoming a fan of code convention. :wink: Thanks for your quick reply. At least this post might help another sleeping person in the future.

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I believe that would find text that has more than a single character. “At least 1 character” would be:

$TextLenghth >= 1

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