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Attribute from Adornment vs Smart Adornment

Can a note inherit an attribute from being over an adornment or would it make more sense to give a note an attribute and use a smart adornment to group?

I’d like to track notes based on context. In my scenario, I’d drag notes over adornments with peoples names and the notes would then be assigned to the corresponding individuals. I’m using it track projects and the epics that make up the projects.

It cannot inherit, but an adornment’s OnAdd action can set any attribute. So you could say (for example)

$Color=$Color(adornment) [corrected]

Just checking, is this supposed to read $Color=$Color(adornment)?

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For my 2¢, yes, as the ‘adornment’ designator $Color to use the adornment’s colour.

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Yes. And that was before the nice pot au feu with Kolkata egg parathas, accompanied by the far-from-contemptible Cotes du Rhône.


Thank you very much. Setting the attribute is exactly what I wanted I just wasn’t able to explain it properly. I have it up and running :grinning: