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Auto text to text link with agent

I’m trying to build a short dictionnary for my TinderBox notes. I have a few words that have a specific meaning in my job and I would like to have all occurences linked to the note that contains their definition.

For example, I have the word “synchronisation” and the note that contains its definition. I’d like to have every use of word “synchronisation” but also “synchronised”, every “synchro-thing”, linked to the definition.

Is it possible to do it with an agent? Looking for every “synchro…” in every note and drawing the link (if not already done).

I started to link words and definition by hand but I have to select text, drag the “T” to parking, move to definition, drag parking to note. Quite a long process.

I also tried just to clik on “T” button and type definition note name but it just remove the destination note (the definition). Is it normal? Am I doing wrong?

Essentially, you want a concordance feature. Look at the documentation on linkToOriginal() or linkFromOriginal() actions. Don’t forget that when linking from the context of an alias you need to ensure your word note’s original ends up linked to or from the original of the notes using that word. A new link will not be created if a link of the stated type already exists.

If you are doing this infrequently, you could use an agent and use the agent designator to seed the agent query with each word in turn. you certainly don’t want to be making and keeping an agent for every discrete word.

Indeed, a more effective approach, and one I’ve using my own research (in this case linking per-author notes to papers in which they are authors), is to use a Stamp—if a once only task—or an edict that runs on first creation and then no more than once per hour during a Tinderbox session (i.e. when the file is still open). An edict can also be run (once) on demand if needs be. IOW, the complexity—if indeed there is any—is less in making the links but not over-encumbering your document with unneeded always-on processes.

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Thank you for your answer.
A stamp is what I need. I gonna try to build a solution with this in a few days.

About the link method using the “T” that remove the destination note. I wonder what I’m doing wrong. Is there anything I need To know about this?

I believe this is a bug fixed in v8.2.3. Otherwise, I would contact tech support directly with more detail.