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Autofetch and Javascript

If I set the URL attribute and choose Autofetch, sometimes the text of the page appears just as expected. For some pages though I get an error saying Javascript is not supported.

Is there any workaround for this or any consideration to allowing Javascript in the future in this situation?

This is determined by the configuration of the site you’re using.

When you autofetch a URL, Tinderbox sends that URL a GET request, much as a Web browser would. The site returns whatever it chooses to return. It may be that the site you’re using requires cookies or some proxy data that Tinderbox doesn’t supply.

To follow this up, you could send me the URL. Or, if you’re familiar with the command line, try curl to fetch from that URL and see what you get back.


I was testing to see if I could import to Tinderbox notes from the new Craft.do app:


This site downloads a program that executes in javascript. It’s opaque to Tinderbox and any other program aside from browsers — and nearly opaque to them.

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Just checked out craft. I think it does what it intends to do pretty well. Seems to be a light version of a Notions, Evernote, or OneNote type tool. Does not have the power of Tinderbox, ease of use of a Drafts or similar tool.

That’s a good description of it. It seems to be gaining popularity fairly quickly among other reasons because it has excellent implementation of links and backlinks, soon to be released integration with the Hook app for deep-linking, and very well-done collaboration/sharing/publishing capability. I think it is particularly nice in its ability to create professional-quality emails with HTML content.

Its largest competitor seems to be Obsidian, which had recently gained a considerable following, but Craft seems to be winning over a lot of their former users.

That said, it of course has none of the analysis features that TInderbox has. I was curious if I could import Craft to Tinderbox as easily as I now can import Apple Notes to Tinderbox. But that does not seem possible.

Literally today’s release was “CraftConnect”, which is their version of expanded app sharing options. You can now pipe Craft content to many common applications, including Drafts, which in turn lets you pipe to Tinderbox.

The problem, however, is that in order to use Craft, you MUST store things on their servers…and they don’t use iCloud. Not only does this create the need to pay for storage separately from whatever cloud services one normally uses, but it’s also rather insecure. Craft (like Roam) does not yet use end-to-end encryption. So for now, at least, it’s a toy.

That would limit us to only pure text (or markdown) but no rich text or images, correct? In that case, Apple Notes with Tinderbox is still superior.

I believe you can send to Apple Notes as well from Craft now, but that would still be a multistep process.


The current Apple Notes-Tinderbox integration works well - I was just curious here - this probably isn’t worth high priority to add to Tinderbox.

I think Explode via Action Code? would be a more worthy addition.