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Bug on View Text Window?

I use a Keyboard Maestro Script to extract abstracts from scholarly information, tag the information with reference information and then paste the information into TB. My script worked well with TB6.

I just upgraded to TB7. I noticed a new note was deleted each time the View Text Window Command was used in outline view. I am able to replicate this by manually selecting a new note then using menu command to view text window…the new note disappears.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?

Please define ‘new’ as that terms more ambiguous than you may assume.Meanwhile, the first paragraph makes it sound like you’re making a new note by blind-pasting data into Tinderbox (note: thit implies you should (must!) have focus explicitly in the view pane. The second paragraph implies you’re then using View -> Text window to open a tear-off text window on the new note. Without an exact set of steps to test, I’d do all the steps in your script manually first. If that works but the KM macro fails look at the focus at input and timing (delay?) between steps. It may be that, v6 notwithstanding, that you’re macro is trying to open text window on a note not yet fully created. In that case, a new (incomplete) note would lose focus and thus be deleted.

I’ve tried a blind paste Cmd+V (paste) and Cmd+Opt+X (open tear-off text window) and I get a new window (v7.0.3). That would re-inforce the above that you probably want to step iteratively through your macro and find where it breaks. it may be you need to add an explicit Return keystroke to close out the note creation or insert a delay before calling the new text window.

Thanks Mark. You were correct about the issue. The note was not being fully created. I altered my script and it is working once again.

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Here is a link to the KM script, if others are interested. Integrates with Papers3.
Still not perfect as it seems to not add carriage returns where I’d like, but has saved me tons of time getting abstracts into TB.

A few caveats:
TextEdit needs to be running
The manuscript of interest must be highlighted in Papers before invoking the script.
The Papers manuscript must have the correct metadata and an abstract to work properly.
I am manually adding carriage returns between Papers information being pasted - script doesn’t want to add lines.


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