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Build-in Hints Problems

Dear all, a new command “build-in hints” draw my attention. As I click on that command, I found a “Hints” container was created, then I browsers nearly every sub-notes, I don’t know how to do with that. I’ve checked TbRef Site description, but I still don’t know how to use this container, and what’s the result following that command. Please give me a brief instruction, if some examples could be attached, that would be awesome.

See Tinderbox Help on Taggers and Highlighters.

Also see this note and child notes, describing the 4 features (stoplist, preview, highlighters, taggers) controlled within Hints.

Where do you get stuck?

Alternatively, is there a specific feature within the Hints-based features that you can’t get working?

Thanks for the tips. I’ve already read that, I think I’m about to understand taggers function, but highlighters still confused me.

Thanks for your tips. I followed the highlighters tips and took them into action, but highlight took action only in the note “Syntax”, not for every single note.

Could you tell me what are the problems?

Notes must opt-in to highlighting; they must say “please highlight me!” (You might not want every note to be highlighted, after all.)

A note does this by setting $SyntaxHighlighting to the name of the desired highlighter. So, “What is a butler” should set its $SyntaxHighlighting to “Syntax”. Do that, reselect the note and edit it; all should be well.

I got it. It’s so thrilled and excited to see the code works. I think that will help me to keep notes much easier from now on. I’m so appreciate to have your help.

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