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Building Pricing Comparisons

I am building out a personal information management solution industry directory, which includes feature comparisons and evaluation and pricing tier analysis. I’m curious if anyone has a good idea about how I might go about creating attributes around price. Most firms have two or three pricing tiers and they all refer to their tiers in different ways. Also, some bill monthly, others bill quarterly. So, I have a data labeling and normalization challenge. So far, the only thing I can think of is to create the following attributes:
I think am normalizing prices to monthly number and using the name and notes to denote if they bill monthly or manually. Also, I’m assuming USD, but in some cases it is bitcoin. Can anyone think of an easier way to do this?

One other random question, when I export the notes through the attribute browser the labels do not export with the items. 1) is there a way to have the labels export, and 2) is there a way to change the name of the label so that is exports out as “Pricing Teir 1” and not “PricingTeir1”?



It should be very easy to set up post-processing for this sort of cleanup in your preferred text editor, formatter or word processor.

Thanks, yes, I’m sure I could but that is just one more step, but the real question is the one above as to whether or not the export can include the field headers. Thanks. And the real, real question is, does anyone have a better idea on how to do this pricing comparison. :slight_smile: