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Built-it prototype modified (involuntarily)

I don’t know how, but it seems that I involuntarily changed a built-in prototype. Whenever I add a new note using Prototype “Reference”, the field Author is filled with a specific scholar, the first I mentioned in this new map. I am not able to delete the name, whenever I set the field to “normal” when I leave the note the field is filled-up again. If I add a new name, the new author seems garbled with the old one.

Thank you


First, Tinderbox won’t modify notes behind your back or involuntarily. But, it’s quite possible that you “told” Tinderbox to do something without meaning to.

You almost certainly have a rule or agent that’s fighting you, adding a value to the $Author attribute that you don’t want. But there’s not enough information here for me (or, IMHO anyone) to help you.

Why don’t you post an example, or send one to tech support info@eastgate.com ? I expect the answer is simple.

If I understand correctly, $Author is (unexpectedly/incorrectly) propagating a value.

If so, the likely cause is you unexpectedly set a value for $Author. To undo this, go to the Inspector’s System tab. Select the attribute “Author” and set the default value to no nothing. i.e. no value.