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Can I see the number of instances of a Prototype in Outline View - or via Dashboard?

Is there a quick way to scan how many instances of each Prototype I have (using column view, or even a Dashboard? Thanks.

Lots of ways to do this! Let’s start with an easy one. Add a dashboard note named “Instances of Prototype” with the rule:



Now, this is absolutely fine in a small document, or even a document of moderate size. In a really big document, though, it does need to look at every note, and tries to do that every few seconds. Even so, you could lower the priority, or convert it to an edict.


Gotcha, thanks!

I altered the $DisplayExpression to read:
“$Name+” - “+count_if(all,$Prototype=$Name) + " instances”"
which works great!

I’ll replace that with "$MyNumber = " and place that result in the $DisplayExpression, as this Project has 3000 notes lol.

This might be another good example to place here: Tip: Days Remaining - #6 by _Bill



thanks for the awesome information.