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Cannot See Items in Container

I have created a note where I am trying to replicate a school’s schedule of classes. I have 6 containers entitled “Period 1,” “Period 2,” and so on. All of the containers show the files within them in Map View except “Period 6.” No matter how I set it up, I cannot see the files within it. I have copied and pasted from a previous “Period 6” and renamed it to no avail. I am attaching a map view of the main map and one of the Period 6 inside itself.

Thanks for any recommendations.

Would you be able to attach the document in question, or does it contain sensitive information?

Yes. But I reopened it to find the boxes showing. However, now they do not show in another container entitled “Social Studies Courses” which contains aliases of files with prototype "Social Studies. Thanks for checking in. Hmm. I have had a couple errors uploading. I will try from another computer.

There seem to be 2 inter-related issues here:

  1. The items in the child map for ‘Period 6’ are not aligned with the viewport in the parent container.
  2. If these are aligned, do they stay aligned.

Issue #1. For ‘Probability/Stats’ in ‘Period 6’, look at the $Xpos and $Ypos values. These are the item’s {X,Y} co-ordinates on that map. You need those values to be within the area displayed by the parent container’s viewport. For ‘Period 6’ note its values for $MapScrollX and $MapScrollY. Using {X,Y} of the child notes, adjust the parent’s $MapScrollX/$MapScrollY so that the child notes are in the parent’s viewport.

Issue #2. This is harder to diagnose without seeing the file. But, it may be that some action code is moving the child items, i.e. their $Xpos/$Ypos whilst leaving the parent $MapScrollX/$MapScrollY unaffected, thus making the child items move within - or out of - the parent viewport. Note too that when you drill down into a Map view container, the starting position in the new map is essentially the (are around) the part of the map visible in the parent viewport. Use the up arrow, you return to the parent, viewport unchanged. But, drill down, scroll on the child map and then go up, the parent viewport shows where you where when you left the child map - i.e. a different position of the child map is now shown in the parent viewport. At least that appears to be how it works - this process isn’t well documented. Given these facts, if you design aim is the parent container should always show the same child content in its viewport, you may need a rule or edict to force a particular $MapScrollX/$MapScrollY, i.e. resetting the viewport if altered by navigating into the container. Of, course, if you move items on the child note relative to each other, then the parent map may still look different.

Forgot to thank everyone for the help. These are now showing up thanks to suggestions.