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Change date format for keyboard shortcut "/+Cmd"?

When I used this shortcut yesterday, December 31, 2017, I get 31/12/17. It seems date formats are generally very flexible in Tinderbox. I have not been able to find where I can change the format used by the shortcut.

I confirmed that my OS X Preferences are set to display mm/dd/yy. I often use the system attribute Created as a Key Attribute in my work. It is displaying consistently with the format set in OS X Preferences, mm/dd/yy.

Am I missing sometime or is this a feature request? If the format were set to match that used in my system prefs that would be fine. I have no need to be able to change the format used by the shortcut.

Thank you.

The insert date action in a text pane will insert the date, formatted according to the system short date for the current locale.

Might you have changed the current locale for the document in an action or export template? I can’t see any other reason for the discrepancy.

Thank you for such a speedy reply. Must have been gremlins working mischief for the new year. Was no question I saw 31/12/2017 the other day. Fired things up just now and got “1/2/2018” just as expected. Thought I looked everywhere dates can be managed. Will look harder next time and try restarting before doing anything else. Sorry to trouble you.