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Changing the default color and/or style of a text link?

That would certainly work…assuming you wanted see the Quicklinks.

What if you wanted to filter your map and not see these quickLinks and use the map much more like a concept map? My preference would be to be able to not see (invisible) or faintly see the quicklinks…perhaps a light gray, however this is just aesthetics.

The current workaround allows for any easy solution to filter the map and just seeing and focusing on the more important Basic Links… by making Quicklinks invisible or faintly visible with a very light gray with the customization of the “nil” link.

I understand the problem is that we do not know any other effects by having a “nil” link in place. I understand, this is not ideal. If this is the case and the decision to remove the ability to create a “nil” link for stability sake…then I completely agree.

Another option…if we decide to eliminate the “nil” link in the future, another option would be to make QuickLinks a light gray instead of the current black color so that QuickLink could be easily visually distinguishable on the map. Still visible but not as prominent.

Thanks for the discussion.