Choosing item from the list -- UI question

I remember that in the past an item chosen from a list had a tick mark on the left side of that value in the drop-down menu. Does anyone have any idea how I can have it back? It was a pretty helpful feature…


I can confirm, the ticks do seem to not be there in v9.5.2b606 (I’m using macOS 12.6.5). Why I don’t know. So I guess they may be gone until the next release—I don’t think this is a user-configurable feature.

Ah, the ticks are there only for Set-type attributes and this behaviour is as documented.

A List-type:

A Set-type:

So, if you want ticks, use a Set type attribute.

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Thank you, I will use Set type then! Nevertheless, I’m curious why lists don’t have ticks…

I’ve updated the relevant aTbRef page (Displayed Attributes, Value pop-up list) to give a clearer description of where tick marks appear in the listing.

Perhaps, because lists can have duplicate values, they’re not unique.

Yeah, it must be because of this reason. I completely forgot about it…

If you select a checked item from the menu of set values, you remove that value from the set. So we add this extra bit of feedback for sets.

Though by the same rationale this could apply to Lists. Lists operate the same way in terms of the tick adds/removes a value but ticks are not shown. From a user’s perspective that might seem an odd difference (albeit a way to tell Lists from Sets!).

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