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Clouds won't move

I have a prototype with a few notes that inherit from it. When the Appearance - Shape is set to Cloud, they won’t move. I’ve checked Map - Lock and it is not checked. If I change the Shape to something else like Bubble or Tag, the notes can be moved as expected.

TB 8.0.6, macOS 10.14.6

I’ve tried (in TB 8.0.6, macOS 10.14.6) what you describe and both the prototype and notes using it are able to move when the prototype has the cloud shape selected. Can you post a small file that shows the problem, so we have a common frame of reference?

Here’s a video of the behavior. It does seem to depend on the direction I’m trying to drag the note (or something).
Sample TBX file below.

link to screencap

no silver lining.tbx (74.0 KB)

Actually, using your screencap, I’ve replicated it. The issue isn’t the direction of drag, but where you click on the note. If I click+drag on the top half of the cloud shape all is well. If I click+drag on the lower half it sticks.

So, definitely odd, if only because as you reported it doesn’t seem to affect other note shapes (FWIW: I didn’t try all).

So, for now, click on the upper half and your clouds will soon roll by.

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Thanks Mark.

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got it! How strange…

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This will be fixed in the next release; it’s a long-standing problem that was never reported.

In the meantime, click and drag near the center of the cloud and all will be well.