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Copy Tutorial if annotating it? (Annotating it outside Tinderbox.)

Hi. I’m having a sweet honeymoon with Tinderbox … and each evening I watch the light from the fire flicker across the room while I organize my notes and questions. I am a complete neophyte. I have attempted to look up most of them. I will try to keep my questions precise. I ask a lot of questions. I am greatly looking forward to learning how to best apply Tinderbox to my needs, and then doing it. So onward:

I have settled on the Tutorial at “Help ▹ Getting Started with Tinderbox” for my first dive into the program. It is a PDF located inside the Tinderbox package. I take a lot of notes :blush: . When the source is a PDF I use the program PDF Expert. Should I copy the PDF to a folder outside the Tinderbox package in order to make sure my annotated PDF is not overwritten by a Tinderbox update? Is this file regularly updated?