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Crash When Undoing a Link Between Notes

Has anyone run into an issue where creating a link between two notes then undoing that action results in a hard crash of Tinderbox?

Context: I started using Tinderbox at v9.1; happily upgraded to 9.2 and running into this on one of my initial files I created. Cannot reproduce this in a file created with 9.2 (yet).


I can’t reproduce this either.

There’s a known, highly-intermittent crash related to link deletion (and possibly undoing deletion), that may be tied to heavily loaded machines. That’s one possible culprit.

Best way to approach crashes is (a) send the crash logs to tinderbox@eastgate.com, ideally with the document and some hint of what you were doing, and (b) try to reproduce them.

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I experienced this about 9 months ago, but never since, i.e. once Mark addressed the issue. I wonder, is it possible that this is happening a legacy file and there is some background file structure that is not being updated.

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Thanks for the fast reply, just sent over a crash report, screencast of it occurring, as well as the file that I can reproduce this with. Just for grins I tried it on my iCloud Drive and a local-only folder to rule out iCloud drive getting in the way.