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Crashing a lot [resolved]

I am a new Tinderbox user, so may be messing something else. I have 30-40 notes in an outline with the a column displaying the due date. Each morning I review the list, editing notes, and adjusting the due dates. The app crashes several times as I do this.

If I don’t do lots of Saves, I lose some edits each time.

Any ideas?

I haven’t seen a crash in outline view in months, and we’ve had no reports of anything like this. Please send a copy of your document, and your most recent crash logs, to info@eastgate.com and we’ll find out what’s going on.

I’ve been working in Outline view +columns (0,000s items) with no problems. This would suggest it’s not the view per se - I’d look at agents which might be trying to update the outline you’re working on or complex display expressions.

Tinderbox is saving in the background. in my beta-testing ‘het’ - I probably see more crashes than most (though still actually remarkably few!) and the only data loss I ever see is the current edit - maybe the last minute(?) of changes. Unless you’re an extremely fast typist , any loss should be minimal. short of saving every keystroke, there will always be the chance of losing the very last few keystrokes.

Getting to the cause of the crash is more important and i’d encourage anyone getting crashes to email the crash logs to Eastgate. Posting here is fine but fellow users generally can’t fix crashing problems. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the VERY quick response. Crash files and TBX file sent for review. Thanks, Jeff

The problem turns out to be a Web ad that has been copied into Tinderbox. The ad assumes that it will have sufficient width to render; if the text pane is too narrow, the Macintosh renderer crashes.

The problem was traceable to one specific note; either avoiding that note or increasing the width of the text pane will work around the issue.

If I remember correctly, this exact scenario was the key to a crashing problem I was having a year or so ago. It was again a pasted-in link, from some web page where I’d done a bulk copy-paste operation (and was not even aware that the link or related ad were in there)…

My overall crash experience in the past year or two is that when they’ve occurred, they’ve mainly been oddball system-related cases like this.