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"Create new note" menu item is not active

Sometimes in some of the .tbx files, the “Create new note” menu item becomes inactive and the new note cannot be easily created even in the “Outline” mode by just pressing the Enter. What can cause this behavior?

Interestingly, when I just open another .tbx file just in another tab of the same running instance of Tinderbox - the “Create new note” menu item and Enter both work fine.

Need some community help with this.

Create Note will be greyed out if focus is not in the view pane. for instance, if you are editing $Text of a note, the Create Note in the Note menu will be greyed you.

I think the Ui design argument is if you are adding a note to the current view, you need to be ‘in’ (i.e. have focus set on) the view pane. clearly if focus in the text pane ($Text or the Displayed Attributes table) then it isn’t in the view pane. the counter view is the text pane shows the selected note in the view pane so, to the user’s perspective, the view pane selection is obvious.

So, try clicking into the view pane and re-checking the Note menu.

Unfortunately, nothing helps.
I assume the file was corrupted after importing notes from DEVONthink’s group via “File/Watch/Group from DEVONthink”.

I closed/opened the file.
Also closed/opened Tinderbox.

The problem remains.

I can create a new note by pressing Enter in the Map view.
I can create a new note by pressing Enter in the Chart view.
I cannot create a new note by pressing Enter in the Outline view (another note is focused in the view pane, and usually pressing Enter led to the creation of a new note right below the focused one).

I’ve attached the file for bug (?) reproduction.

Mastering Tinderbox - Video Course by Michael Becker.tbx (134.4 KB)

The problem occurs only in the Outline view mode.

You cannot create new notes in a Filtered Outline.. That’s because the new note might be filtered out of view as you were creating it! That would be confusing (to say the least).

Just dismiss the filter; you can always filter again if you want.

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Thank you very much for your help, dismissing the filter worked.
On my side, I thought if the filter field is empty it should not affect the normal flow of note creation.

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