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Different $Color for aliases and notes (OnAdd)


I am trying to create different agents that look for notes inside a container. Some notes (aliases) will appear in multiple agents. I’d like to change the color of the aliases stored inside the agents w/o modifying the color of the original note.

If I add, for example, the following action to the agent:

OnAdd: $Color = “#008f00”;

The aliases within the agent and the original note change color. Thus, I cannot have two agents with such OnAdd action as they will struggle when two notes are present in two different agents.

Is there a way to only modify the color of the aliases created within agents w/o changing the color of the note or other aliases present inside other agents?

Thank you very much for the support!


No, this idea runs counter to the design concept of the aliases which in most** respects must share their original note’s attribute values.

** A small number of attributes (and designator evaluations) are discrete to the alias. Such attributes are termed intrinsic attributes - see the linked article for more on this and a listing of such attributes.

Thank you very much @mwra.

One extra question, though. The first Agent I created has the OnAdd Action $Color = “#008f00”;

That action did modify the note’s color, not just the alias. Is this the expected behavior?

Thank you very much!

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Yes, because $Color is not intrinsic. This means all instances of the note - original and aliases - share the same value.

By comparison, $Xpos and $Ypos (a note’s X/Y co-ordinates on a map) are intrinsic as it is no reasonable to suppose an original and its aliases can occupy the same position on every map where they occur.

The previously linked article explores this a bit further.