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Disappearing Notes

Ok so I’ve noticed this happen to me a couple of times now so I’m wondering if it has happened to anyone else or if I’m doing something wrong on my end, but when I try creating a link between two notes, if I try to cancel out of it because I realize I have the link going the wrong way, or wanted to change something for whatever reason, what ends up happening is the entire note gets deleted, not just the link I had attempted to create between the two notes.

To make it even more annoying, when I attempt to undo the mistake by using either the keyboard shortcut, or the menu option I’m able to undo anything but that action of deleting the note. I’m always taken to whatever it was that I had done prior to attempting to make the link between the two notes (in this case it was typing in a different note altogether). Is this normal?

I’ve not seen this. “if I try to cancel out of it” doesn’t actually describe the actions you are taking so this is hard to replicate and you don’t say what app and OS version you are using.

If you haven’t already, v8.2.3 was released yesterday which had some changes addressing issues some users encountered in regard to link creation.

No, but without more descriptive information of the scenario it is hard to help—bearing in mind that as a user-to-user forum your fellow users can’t see under the hood of the app. However, we can try and replicate issues, given a clear enough description. Detail matters. For instance, ‘cancelling’ can be done a number of different ways so in order to replicate the issue someone else needs to follow your exact steps not their own approximation of them. Also useful to know:

  • does it happen in all files or just one?
  • does it happen after re-starting the app?

But first, update to the current version and re-test.

Gotcha. Your advice is duly noted, and is taken to heart, at least to the best of my technotard capabilities anyways. I often have a hard time offering an explanation that’s of much use to anyone because that sort of assumes I know what the heck I’m doing, which I typically don’t. Had I intended to go full troubleshooting method, I would have likely included more information, I just wanted to see if it was a general issue that others were experiencing, or whether nobody had heard of anything like that happening is all, which it looks like was the case. Hoping the update does the trick.

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Hi Sammy, it sounds like a similar to what some people - including me have been finding. Particulalrly if you are making a TEXT link.Best option is to upgrade to 8.2.3 as Mark says, the issue has been fixed.

I should add, the suggestions are not made by way of critique. Don’t worry about whether you understand the process, the point is to describe what to are doing/did. Sometime it matters whether you used a short-cut or a clicked a menu option. The aim is to allow another person to do exactly what you did up to the point of the problem. I’ll admit that when doing that process myself, sometimes just the act of writing it down made me realise I wasn’t doing what I thought i was doing and offering some clues as to possible ways ahead. At worst, I end up with steps others can follow. And, yes, it is tiresome chore to do, but enlightened self-interest wins out.

I noticed the exact same problem in 8.2.2. 8.2.3 does fix the problem, for me.

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