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Display of boolean attributes in Attribute Browser

Hi, I wondered about this for quite a while but never asked: What happened to the display of boolean attributes in the Attribute Browser?

They used to be displayed as check boxes, just like they are in DisplayedAttributes :

For me it’s a lot harder to compare notes because the boolean values are displayed as strings.

Speaking of check boxes: @eastgate please consider adding a check box to the Properties Inspector’s Quickstamp tab. It’s currently cumbersome to change values as it’s necessary to move between the keyboard and the mouse (as it’s not possible to navigate via keyboard from one text field to the next; if the first text field is focused, then using the tab key sets the focus to the “Apply” button, i.e. it skips the value text field.). Adding a check box that’s only active/available for boolean attributes would help a lot).

Offhand, I’m not sure! Investigation will be launched.