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Displaying attributes on a note in timeline view

Is there a way to display an attribute on a note in the timeline view?

I thought I had done this previously but perhaps not. Certainly I can’t find any way to create this display.

As an example the illustrations in Marks Reference document show dates as part of the note presentation.


Yes. What you’ll want to do is use action code to set your display attribute. It is a good practice to create a $DisplayExpressionCache user attribute. Set $DisplayExpress=$DisplayExpressionCache. Then, in your note (or prototype) set create an edict, something like this:

$DisplayExpressionCache=$Name + " ["+$MyDate.format(“l”)+"]";

Where $MyData is the date you want displayed, could be $Created and .format is specifying the date format you wan to show.

DisplayExpressionCache makes sense here if your timeline has hundreds of elements, or if the expression is hard to construct.

For a small timeline and a simple display expression, I think you can just use $DisplayExpression.

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