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Draggable outline view - anyone experiencing this?

Hi! Is anyone experiencing this odd behavior? I can drag an outline like it was a map view. Annoying and it makes text blurry…

Emailed Eastgate and confirmed this is not normal or reproducible so I’m trying to see if anyone is experiencing the same thing and hopefully find out what is causing this.

Running latest TB 8.6.2 and Catalina 10.15.3.


I can reproduce this in 8.6.2 on Catalina 10.15.3. In my case, I don’t notice the the text becoming blurry. Going up a level or drilling further down into the hierarchy resets the view. The outline can also be “snapped” back into place by dragging it the upper left corner of the view.

I have to click and drag below the outline to produce the effect.

Sure, this is easy to replicate. Open a document in Outline. Put the pointer below the bottom of the outline. Click-drag the outline somewhere else. I can do this in any document, new, old, whatever, in 8.6.2 on 10.15.3.

The outline is no longer “attached” to the upper left corner of its pane.

The same effect of dragging the view is also possible in Treemap, Chart, and Timeline.

Thanks for confirming @bcrane and @PaulWalters. Made some tests with older versions I had around:

In 7.10 I can’t drag at all.
In 8.0.6 I can drag but not to the extent that the outline breaks apart from the top left corner of the window.
In 8.6.2 I can drag the outline to any position I desire.
Although it’s not by any chance a severe bug, just a bit annoying (except for the blurry text which gets back to normal if I click the tab and the outline defaults to its position).

Heh! After much fiddling, during which Tinderbox did what it ought, suddenly I see this, too. And I know what’s wrong.

Stand by!

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