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Easy way to resize multiple adornments to the same size?

Is there a quick way to resize a number of adornments to the same size (for aesthetic reasons)…to appear the same size? Buttonish?

I have been doing this manually, but have an occasional need to automate this.


Inheritance (i.e. prototypes) won’t help here as $Width and $Height.

I suspect you’re looking for an affordance found in some drawing [sic] apps whereby when multiple (similar type?) objects are selected, resizing the first-selected item causes the other selected items to re-size. I don’t believe Tinderbox has such a feature.

A quick suggestion, thinking ahead that this may crop up more than once and assuming you are using a “TBXConfig” note for parking some global values. We’ll add two new user number attributes $AdornmentWidth and $AdornmentHeight. Now we make a pair of stamps.

#1. “Adornment size”. Code:

$AdornmentWidth("TBXConfig") = $Width;
$AdornmentHeight("TBXConfig") = Height;

Use that to set the desired values. Now select the others and use…

#. “Resize adornments”.

$Width = $AdornmentWidth("TBXConfig");
$Height = $AdornmentHeight("TBXConfig");

You could add other features in the mix, but that’s a pragmatic solution for current use.


TBX8 Cleanup Switcher Macros.kmmacros.zip (4.0 KB)

I use Keyboard Maestro and include here the macros that I use when inside TBX. Particularly useful when I’m pasting text and want to have a consistent standard font and size applied. I’m on 9.2 and they still work for me ( although note that some assume a folder/s exist which can be easily tweaked for your preferences.) I got a lot of these macros on this forum some years back so credit where its due - cheers


Many thanks Mark. The Keyboard Maestro collection you shared was very nice. I learned about the Tbx switcher you are using and it helped simplify my workflow. It is simple now to resize multiple objects and extend my tinderbox.

Many thanks