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"Edit in ..." (editor of choice)?

Do you think it’s possible (and does it make sense) to have an option to edit text, and markdown, in a 3rd party editor (i.e. sublime text, emacs, etc.)

Tinderbox has excellent editing tools and features, but I often find myself wanting to write and edit longer texts in a text editor. Think it would be interesting for more people?

Not something I would use.

FWIW, I often bring text that was already created outside of Tinderbox into my notes. If need be, text can be selected in Tinderbox and dragged to another app for editing. Or use PopClip to move selected text into BBedit or TextEdit or TextSoap, modify it there, select and copy, and then flip back to Tinderbox where the text is still selected and so pasting replaces what was there. Maybe not as slick as “Open in External Editor” could be, but just as fast.

You could do a lot worse with a copy of Stairways’ KeyboardMaestro ($36, http://keyboardmaestro.com/ - infinitely useful with everything) and the QuickCursor macro set (https://github.com/davemee/keyboard-maestro-quickcursorkm - this is my fork with DEVONthink Pro office.
This lets you set up a hot key to pop text out of any standard textarea on OSX/macOS to an editor of your choice and save it back on quitting the editor. It’s a KeyboardMaestro native implementation of HogBay’s much-missed QuickCursor which fell foul of app-store restriction changes.

This solution is generic enough to provide the functionality you want to all your applIcations, but not give you a button to do it with.


Thanks Dave, just entered the forum after a longish time :wink: