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Error message appearing in ALL notes

I returned to my 9.2 document to find all my notes have the orange bubble saying"This agent has no query, or its query can’t be understood". I am a newbie and have started to document on using TB using TB as a visual presentation. I haven’t created any agent yet as I simply haven’t reached that stage (of competent) yet. Strictly notes and adornments. Been to the Forum but haven’t found anything similar. Closing TB and reopening the document did not help. Opening an even older TB document seemed fine. Where do I start and what should I do to prevent the lost of my document? Thanks,

Click the orange bubble and then click (double-click?) the listed items in the error list. It will either jump you to that item or—if as appears here—the cause of the error report has now gone the error should clear. The list applies to a document, IOW, you should inly see it it document(s) where Tinderbox thinks there may be problem.

The listing does no harm. Not is it judging you :slight_smile: . It’s simply there to remind you you may have missing or malfunctioning code.

Hi Mark
Clicking the orange bubble shows an empty box - no list of items. However clicking on the empty box appeared to have cleared the bubble. Phew … just worried that I may lose my hours of work of documenting TB, the structure and how to use it. BTW, I am using your TBRef as part of my learning process. Thanks very much.

Fear not. The error bubble is just advisory. These days, like many Mac apps, it’s all being autosaved in the back-ground. If you do make an error or really confuse the app, you should at worst lose a minute or two of entries and don’t forget you can use Time Machine if you need to get at an earlier version.

Assuming you save your file, you’re very unlikely to lost more than a few seconds of work, whatever goes wrong.

No worries - saved in TM and BackBlaze. Just worried that the document may be unusable (because of some error created by me) later, thus necessitating to recreate the same document before that happens.

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