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Event Prototype - Wishlist

I am using the Event Prototype with the Timeline View. All is going very well, but I have a couple of wishlist items that would certainly make things easier for me. Apologies if I have missed something that already achieves the below.

  • Show days of the week in the Date Picker.

  • Have a “Do not use time” option.



FWIW, neither of these relate to Tinderbox prototypes but to the attribute value tables used in Displayed Attributes and Get Info.

The Date Picker is a macOS feature so unless it has a hidden option, the request would imply building a custom date picker to replace the OS one.

Currently, the same tables display Date type attributes using the user’s macOS locale short date setting plus the hh:mm of the attributes time (i.e. omitting the seconds part). Thus, on my UK locale t(on 8 aug 22) a date/time of now, displays as “0/6/08/2022, 11:34”. Note the locale dependence. In this US for instance, the day and month would be reversed and the year might show only the last two digits. When the attribute value is being edited, the $DisplayedAttributesDateFormat is used so I see “6 Aug 2022 at 11:34:12”. This default longer format makes sense as we are global community but different countries use different ordering of month and date so ‘6/8/22’ is ambiguous: 6th August or 8th June? In what century (it matters for historians), etc…

So if you are seeing seconds in un-selected data attribute, change you macOS settings. If you see seconds when editing a Date change $DisplayedAttributesDateFormat.

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Thanks Mark (as always) for the speedy response.

I don’t think I did a good enough job of explaining myself above.
Screenshot 2022-08-06 at 11.56.51
All I would like is M TU W TH etc. across the top.

I want to get rid of the times here - basically a granularity of a day. I can edit/delete them, but they just come back.



Indeed, but if the app uses the OS widget and if that doesn’t offer such a feature then it would require building a new widget from the ground up, i.e. a whole new bit of UI. My point is to argue against your idea, but to explain that it might be a less simple task than imagined .

Checking I sed ghat on my UK system the widget lists days Sunday to Saturday, i.e the older fashioned form, whereas moddr commerce start Monday giving the added convenience of co-locating weekdays and weekend days as just two sequences.

Interesting my (UK) macOS locale setting show Monday as the start of the week so I’m surprised the widget starts the week on a Sunday. Handling calendar information is a constant opportunity for confusion :slight_smile:

Indeed, at present, I think that requires you to edit your macOS locale settings not Tinderbox’s.

If you go to Edit —> Document Settings and select the Text tab, you have three options for how dates display in the app. Two of them don’t show time.

Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 19.09.17

If you are just concerned with which part of the date info is shown, one of these options might do the trick for you.

Note, the options illustrated above set $DisplayedAttributesDateFormat. Recent test showed this is used only when the value is being edited. At this point it is unclear if that is by design or by intent (as the original documentation was ambiguous on this).

When a value is being displayed in general use, it employs settings drawn from the user’s macOS settings but without a means to customise the removal of time altogether.

In the meantime, I’d acquire the web user’s habit of simply not seeing ads and not see the time. If it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matte. Until, if/when the user is given control of the appearance.

hmmm. this isn’t what I’m seeing but date/time settings are, as you mentioned earlier, a minefield. I’d suggest giving the doc settings a shot and see if they work.

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The date picker change is indeed on the roadmap.