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Evernote watched folder & PDFs


Total beginner, just trying out the demo version, so please excuse any stupidity in my question.

The “watch Evernote” folder seems like it could revolutionise my workflow and so I’m experimenting with it.

Is there a way to alter the handling of PDFs?

An Evernote note that has text in it, brings the text over. This even works for formatted text. However, the standard behaviour when there is a PDF seems to be to just make a link. Is there any way to (automatically) download the PDF attached to an Evernote note into the TBX note?

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This is controversial, since importing the pdf to Tinderbox could create book-length notes.

You can always drag the note into Tinderbox to confirm you want to import the pdf.

The main point of watched folders is to provide an easy way to jot notes to yourself that will automatically be moved to the appropriate Tinderbox project.

Unfortunately a number of my notes come out of analog into digital in PDF format - and that is unlikely to change in the near future.

Is the controversy re: “book length” about file size?

Exactly; you don’t want to accidentally import several gigabytes of stuff. Tinderbox isn’t an everything bucket — use DEVONthink or Yojimbo for that — and it works best when your notes are mostly small, mostly focused, and mostly textual.

Alas, I don’t live in a mostly textual world. Diagrams are a crucial part of my world. Oh well.

What is your work? And what are you trying to accomplish with Tinderbox?*

And for everyone interested in this topic: what is the typical word count of the pdfs you might want to import?

This particular work involves short ethnographic/semiotic observation notes, which usually involve diagrams. They are 50% generated by others in other locations and sent to me digitally. Word count is on the order of 50-100 words + diagram. (So largely 1 pagers, although sometimes they come in a bundle of 5 or 6.)

Desired accomplishment was a new space to start tagging and linking and mapping to discover some patterns.

There are of course a number of ways I can adjust my workflow re: some of the constraints, and of course the textual power of Tinderbox is a great part of the attraction.

I suggest sending Eastgate a sample document for their testing purposes.