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Example .TBX files

I miss these. There used to be a whole section on the site of user-submitted templates. I realize many of them were for old versions of TBX and now useless–but it was taking those files apart and putting them back together for my own use that taught me how to use Tinderbox all those many years ago (I’ve been a customer for a long time.) But we haven’t had that resource for years. I know occasionally people post some here, but they are scattered in various fora and not easily categorized or accessible. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to have a single repository again for people to submit useful/helpful TBX files?

We’re happy to set something up if there’s interest.

One lightweight approach might be to have a section of this forum reserved for sample files. Want to add a new file? Start a topic! Have questions about a sample file? Reply to the original post.


That would be really good!

Yes please. I would find this both helpful and interesting.