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Excluding notes from $SimilarTo / Suggested listing?

I really like using $SimilarTo to find unexpected connections between notes. My assumption is this is also the suggested items we see in the Cmd-7 links/suggested window at the bottom of the $Text window.

I was curious how to possibly improve it. One way would be using “stop words” to denote notes with less value and another would be to exclude certain notes (possibly by prototype) if this were possible. Hence my question.

Is there a way to prevent certain notes/containers from being included. For example: this morning I noticed a few prototype frameworks (Container prototypes) in my $SimilarTo list.

Thanks in advance

Well, I certainly need to fix this page as the old Common Words view disappeared in v6. Or rather, it became the Get Info dialog’s words tab. Either way, I don’t believe the existing (word) stoplist affects the ‘similarity’ tests used in the Get Info/similar tab, similarTo() action or ^similarTo()^ export code. The relationship between those and choices in in the suggested links column if the links panel is unknown.

So I guess this is feature request territory. :slight_smile:

I believe the stop words note in built-in Hints is what you’re looking for.

But doesn’t the list use single words. I think @TomD is looking to exclude notes by $Name. But adding every word in the title of such a note would have an effect beyond intent as each word matches individually. Or a can the list support a phrase (e.g. a $Name string) per line i.e. for a case-(in)sensitive full $Name-to-string match?

I was actually thinking of excluding notes by container or prototype which right now is not possible. I agree with MarkA, stopwords would include many notes I wish to include.