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Excluding specific extention files in Watch Folder

How can I exclude files with certain extensions from Watch Folder and have them extracted? :upside_down_face:

I think, that would be a feature request :wink:, as there is no filter feature currently available.

Meanwhile, as a workaround:

  • put the unwanted items in a different folder
  • simply ignore the ones you don’t want.
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okay, thanks!!
I’ll try to create another Agent to extract what I want to choose within the watch folder.
(because one of my note application generate a lot of .plist files in same folders) :grin:

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I see. No harm in making a feature request on that. For instance, I could see (if feasible to engineer) an outcome where a user would first set a watch folder and then in the container created there would be in the Displayed Attributes a Set-type attribute e.g. ‘ExtensionFilter’, where the user could add a semi-colon delimited list of extension types to ignore, e.g. plist;h;txt which would filter files with the extensions ‘.plist’, ‘.h’ or ‘.txt’.

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Another option, the way I handle this issue when needed, is to use a DEVON 3 group instead. I watch the filtered group instead of the file/folder raw list. Since watch folders are generally one way, I prefer, though, instead to use a DEVON link instead and therefore let DEVON do the heavier lifting.

In addition, I generally use Drafts for my front end notes instead of using watch folders.



Use AppleScript or an app like Hazel to monitor your target folder, and auto-dup your required files to another folder which you can set in Tbx as a Watched Folder.