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Exporting Attribute Browser to HTML

Suppose I have selected a number of filtered notes and attributes to view in the Attribute browser and would like to share those as HTML

The “Export as Attribute Browser” feature exports as tab delimited RTF, which I know can easily be converted to TSV

But if I want to export the Attribute Browser data instead as HTML, do I need to create a custom HTML Export template for the specific filtered notes and attributes I want to export - and repeat if I want to later export a different combination of attributes?

Or is there a more direct way to take an on-the-fly view in the Attribute Browser and convert it to HTML?

There’s not, at present. The idiomatic approach, at present, would be to create one or more agents that collect the notes of interest, and export those.

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Hey Richard, you’re super close. In my experience, the best way is to use an HTML template. Give me an hour and I’ll make a quick sample and tutorial for you.

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Richard, here you go: Tinderbox Training Video - Working with Export Templates Part 3.

Thank you - that is very helpful

Can you clarify please - is “Code Note” a Prototype that you personally created to use in your Tbx files? Or is that a built-in designation that I missed somehow?

“Code” is a built-in prototype that applies code font and disables “smart quotes” permanently in $Text. It is super useful when you’re writing and editing action code.


Note, we can discuss in a different thread, but “code note” actually refers to something else, i.e. the ability to have stamps and actions call for their action code from the text of another note. This is really helpful for longer and more complex code.

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