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Feature request: editing the $Text while still in the *View only* mood

Working in the Map view, the View and Text mood consumes more screen real estate than the View Only mood. TB already allows directly editing of the $Name in the View Only mood without opening the editor. It would be even nicer if direct editing of the $Text would also be possible without changing view (opening the editing window which costs some screen real estate).

Thank you Paul. I am already using the Text view. Yes, it works fine too. I appreciate your suggestion. I still want to make it clear that the Direct Edit feature I am requesting here is not the same thing (or a replacement to) as the Text Window.

I am requesting the feature not because I urgently need it. But, I think it would be a great improvement for working on a larger set of notes (like in drawing mind maps) on the map view. The system you are suggesting (Text Window) is great for writing longer notes into a handful of notes. Indeed, that is one of my favorite features of TB. I won’t live without it. The one I am requesting would be better for fast inserting of short text to many notes in the map. Assume a situation that you want to draw Mind-map, it would be hectic to open every note in Text Window. The View and Text mood would be better than the Text window (⌥⌘X).

Hey, this is exactly a feature I would like to see too! I like to create notes and move blocks of text like mind map, without accessing the text pane.

I’m sure you know this, but a workaround is to simply use the Title of the note as the main text area.

I upvote this feature!

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