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Feature Request - Saved Views/Tabs

I’d like to make a request

  1. Allow the user to save a particular TAB which can be accessed even after closing them (which I do a lot by mistake)
  2. Allow the users to save group of tabs which can be easily accessed after user closes them

Did you try “Copy URL Of This Tab”?


If the tab is closed, its <tab> is not saved, so there is no target tab which the URL can de-reference. Not tested, but I assume at best it would resolve to the current tab of the TBX to which the missing tab had belonged.

I thought that too but I tried it a few times and it does open a tab of the correct type even after closing the tab.

Maybe there are some details of the view/configuration that are lost but the basic info about which file and type of tab to open remain?

This is coming in Tinderbox 9.


WOHOOOOOOOO !!! Super excited

Any ETA on Tinderbox 9?

Tinderbox 9 will likely happen in Spring 2021.


Request to Name the searches how the users want instead of the default view type+name of the note

Searches? Do you mean the tab labels. Not all view types use type+current-note. AB view and Crosstabs do not. Doubtless this reflects the fact the view scope is set from the view’s controls. Are these latter type the ‘searches’ tp which you refer?

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You read my mind , I did mean the TAB labels.

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