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Finding a rogue (runaway) adornment on a map with an agent?

I accidentally hit return prematurely in map view on a smart adornment. I need to delete the agentQuery code but cannot see the adornment due to all the notes covering the adornment.

How can I isolate the runaway adornment with an agent? Is there an agent code to find the adornment in map view to delete it or modify the code?


Because adornments are map-only feature and a special type of note, adornments cannot by matched by an agent.

If you click on an adornment between the notes atop it it will be selected. Or if you know the title ($Name) of the adornment, you can blind type in the view or use the View pane Find bar to select the adornment.

Once selected, you can use the Action Inspector to edit the action code.

Does that help?