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Format of note text as displayed in map view

I can control the font and size of text in the right pane for a selected note (Cmd-T), in both outline and map view.

Is it possible to make the font and size of the entire note contents as displayed in map view reflect the font and size of the entire contents as displayed in the right pane? Right now for me it’s rather small Helvetica in map view and I can’t seem to change it or make it reflect the actual formatting of the note inside.

Once you redraw the map, it will reflect the text’s font.

Hint: Try de-/re-selecting the note. But if that has no effect, click the map view’s tab. Its label may flash red (the app is re-building the view) and the result is an on-demand ‘refresh’ of the view.

Those tips work to redraw, and the map view reflects the right pane’s font and bold/italics, but not type size or line spacing.

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I have discovered that I can get better line spacing for the entire note by choosing “Single” from the Spacing dropdown in the right pane. But changes in size to individual pieces of text within the note don’t come across in the map view. Which is fine, now that the spacing is more consistent size differences aren’t really necessary for what I’m doing.

Ah, you might want to see this note. Look at the grab below:

Whilst, map icons do reflect $Text styling (font type: bold, italic, etc) and font/face (Helvetica, Times Roman, etc.) and font size are honoured—as all shown in the upper icon—whilst margins are honoured, lines space is not.

If that seems like a bug, I don’t think it is. Showing any $Text in map icons din’t arrive until v4.6 in 2009 - a good 8 years into the app’s life. even then, not all the affordances shown above were available. In the lower app, intending is supported bet left/right margins and line spacing are ignored.

If you need those missing features to render in a note icon, I’d email a feature request to support, explaining why this is needed (features all have an engineering cost and thus a value judgment when deciding on adoption)