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Formatting dates while generating a list using links() operator

I am trying to use a rule to collect formatted dates from linked notes as a list of data. For example:


However, I’d like the resulting list of dates to be formatted (e.g. 27 Dec 2021). What I hoped would be a relatively simple solution (see below) failed.

$MyList=links.inbound."visit".format($StartDate,d M y);

Perhaps this isn’t possible with the links() operator?

I think you want to do this in two steps.

  1. Built the list of dates, as you have done.

  2. Convert the list to be formatted as you prefer.

var:list temp;
$MyList.each(x) {
   var:date d=x;
   temp += d.format("M d Y");
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Thank you so much, Mark! That did the trick.

I have yet to develop a full understanding of var statements. This might encourage me to dig into those a little more.