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Gallery List: is there a way to dynamically move items in the Saved Gallery item list?

I am just beginning to use (like) the Gallery feature (View/Tab/Gallery) in Tinderbox to save views (especially for the Attribute Browswer query view.

Question/Wishlist: I could dynamically move items in the list?
Is there a way to use BBEdit to rearrange?


At present, I suspect not as my hunch—based on some brief testing in v9.3.0— is they are listed in the order added … as that is the order they are stored/read-from/added-to the TBX file’s data.

So it can’t be done now, but now the ‘feature’ has been suggested it might be possible in the future. That begs the question - how much UI do you want need (i.e. more == more engineering cost). ISTM, being able to drag-drop re-order the gallery’s saved view listing (the right-side ‘stored views’ in the Gallery listing) might be a simple first take on this.

Thanks Mark. I am finding it super useful in concert with the Attribute browser and Weighted Treemaps. I tend to use Queries/Customize these views quite a bit, now I can save the ones that I repeat. It also saves me from opening the tabs with AB included. For some reason, I find it slow opening with documents with >500 notes, maybe because it defaults to the entire document.

My 2 cents:is to have it default to a smaller subset of notes for faster loading or have the option to assign a user defined folder subset. Most of us scope its use anyway.


I wonder. Given features have to work across the piece (i.e. what aids one use case doesn’t make others worse). This makes me think the issue isn’t the default scope, as I often start at doc scope—IOW, scope is task dependent.

Rather, perhaps it make sense if a default AB view doesn’t try to lad anything thing until until told to do so. thus if loading a custom AB viewer from the gallery, for example, the view loads to those settings, But if loading a ‘default’ AB view it waits to be told to load, i.e until after the user has finished customising.

Downside: the point of the view is less easily discoverable, i.e the default does nothing, but it does make the view work better in larger documents.

I think keeping the default view as an entire document is fine, however, I would like to be able to change the default scope system wide, which would be very useful from a performance perspective.

For example: in all my larger documents I have 2 main data root directors (part of this idea came from you!)

/Inbox: for those items that I have not processed
/Data: for those items I have processed

I would like to set the default AB view to /Data

This would help AB performance.

In small documents or documents I am just getting started with, performance is not an issue and the entire document scope is fine.


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Might this latter issue be helped if the initial scope of a new attribute browser were the most recently-used scope?

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yes, I think that would just fine.