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Go back to previous map

Hi everyone,

I frequently use CMD+’ - which is quite useful. However, I have to “Go Back” lots of times when I do some editing, rearranging, adjusting and then want to move back to the previous map. Is there an additional shortcut to do so?


I assume you’re looking for Note->Go back… (Cmd+’)?

No, I know that already.

I am looking for a “Go back to the previous map” - shortcut. :slight_smile:
Any idea?

Previous? Up-arrow takes you the the parent map, or down-arrow takes you to the child map (or the current selection).

‘previous’ is not necessarily obvious - except as the the last visting map rior to this one, which is in the undo stack.

Thanks for your concern and assistance.

Actually, that’s what I mean - the last visiting map prior to the one I am one. Is there a specific shortcut that executes that?

If you expect you might want to revisit a particular map, just make a new tab.


I’d like to pick up this thread… like the original poster, I use Cmd+' to Go Back. I find this feature extremely useful.

Is there a shortcut for Go Forward? Imagine using Go Back and Go Forward like one flips back and forward across web pages in Safari or equivalent.

I tend to use Go Back (and Forward, if it is available) in Map View to get quick glances at notes that lie in very different, and often unpredictable, locations of a TBX file. This is typically a rapid process.

In contrast, I reserve the use of Tabs for containers in which I intend to spend a little more time. If I used Tabs where I would prefer to use Go Back/Forward, I’d end up opening a large number of Tabs, which can clutter and become unwieldy, especially for the purpose of rapidly transiting across/through containers.


See the ‘Navigate’ in the note menu (Cmd+Return).

Navigate will follow the first basic link from the current note, selecting its destination. From v7.5.3, for to-text links this scrolls the destination note to the link point and highlights the linked word.

Thanks, @mwra. I will add that to my toolbox. This will help in instances I’m trying to follow a basic link.

Unfortunately, my use of Go Back (and ideally, Go Forward) often comes up in a different situation in which I am not following links. Here is one scenario:

I search for a key word (Cmd+F) and see a bunch of results. Not quite sure which one I want to follow, I double-click on one of the search results (A). Map View jumps to Note A. I am able to see Note A’s context and click on neighboring Note A1, just for a quick peek. I move back with Cmd-’, and again Cmd-’ to get back to the original spot. It then occurs to me that I want to see Nota A again to take a look at another Note A2 that was right next to it. Go Forward would solve the problem in a jiffy, as opposed to redoing Cmd+F.

To broaden the request beyond one specific usage case, I guess I’m trying to emulate the act of flipping through pages in a notebook, only now our notebook is a far more complex and non-linear TBX file. I am looking to take advantage of TBX complexity, while keeping the age-old interaction of flipping pages.

It sounds like you want to emulate web-browser behaviour, whereby if you go back, the ‘forward history’ is retained in the current session.

I see a problem with that insofar as it is a different behaviour from the original hypertextual notion of ‘follow the first basic link’. I don’t know what the answer is - I’m a fellow user - but i’m just flagging up that we now have two divergent notions of forward movement. IOW, perhas a separate command is needed.

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