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Help -- bug or user error with creating "dark mode" notes

Here’s the issue:

I have set the TextBackground to dark and the Text Color to whitish but the text is still black. I can fix it manually by selecting the text and changing its color using the Font pop up, but this is suboptimal.

Have I found a bug or is there a default setting somewhere I need to change? Thanks!

I suspect you need to select all $Text (Cmd+A) and then use the Format -> style menu to reset the text. If the $TextColor for the note is set to ‘white’ or similar, all should be well.

Otherwise, set $TextColor before adding any text. The text area is an RTF space so text customisation is applied to selections and not globally to all text, once the first text has been added

Seeing the inevitable arrival of reversed out text, I should make the regular observation that this is not a plain text programming IDE. It is a rich text environment designed for writing rather than coding. I say this to align starting expectations as to how customisation of text ‘should’ work.

Oh no worries, I’m an attorney. I am learning to code, but only to help me with my practice area. I normally live and breathe just normal text. I often prefer Markdown to rich text, but I am home in either.

My interest in dark mode is simply comfort-based. I will try some more, but I’m setting the $TextColor at the prototype level, so I’m not sure why it’s not working.

I think there’s something wrong here; stay tuned.

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Sorry to bug, but any update on this? I haven’t found an easy workaround other than manually changing text color and that’s…very un-Tinderboxy. Thanks!

Should be addressed in the next backstage release. WinterFest (http://www.artisanalSoftwareFestival.com/) always disrupts things a bit here at Eastgate world HQ

I love that Winterfest disrupts things, not the holidays. :slight_smile: Perhaps you need to take a vacation, Mr. Bernstein! (ok it’s weird writing that as I am also Mr. Bernstein)

What’s a vacation, again?

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Any update on these issues? As I use TBX more and more, I find myself wanting to customize heavily, only to be stymied by whatever’s going on here. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Fixed in the current backstage release. Email me if you need that and keep sufficiently wonderful backups for using test releases.