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Help identifying which Attribute Controls a map color

In the screen cap attached below there are tan bars that appear in the map notes that aren’t containers and I’d like to make them match the color of the notes. I’m not sure which part of the note’s anatomy is in play though, and so, although I’ve gone through the parts of the TbRef ref list that seem relevant, I can’t figure out which attribute controls that color. Does anyone know what attribute I’m looking for? Thanks in advance.

Looks like there’s some sort of artifact in the $Text of those notes. Did you apply a Prototype to them, or did you make one note and then copy it five (or more) times?

Another possibility is there’s something going on with $Subtitle since the color bar is appearing about where the subtitle should.

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They are new notes but there was a hard return in text of their prototype that was being added to the new notes. Deleting that hard return fixes the problem. Thanks