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How can I open "most recent file" from the start?

Hello everybody.

Any such person who could activated control
to open “most recent file” from the start?

At an early stage, we have to open always empty file.

I would like to open immediate use and feedback from the recent file.

I try to use my own Keyboard Maestro macro which go on
[ Select “Close Untitled” in the Menu “File” in Tiderbox7 , then “OpenRecent” in the Menu “File” in Tinderbox7.].

This behaviour is an amateurish way.
I need to get in addition to [close my empty file], using another
[ Select “Close Untitled” in the Menu “File” in Tiderbox7]macro
before using my first “OpenRecent(File)” macro.

AAMOF real troublesome problem for me.

I did not figure out the solution, yet.

Please give me a hand !

Yours, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

If Tinderbox is quit without closing the most recent file(s) you had opened, then those files should open again the next time you launch Tinderbox.

The answer then is, save but do not close your files when you quit Tinderbox.

Dear Mr. PaulWalters,

After few more trials, I got it.

I need to add two Pauses, first “PAUSE”(0.5sec) in between “Close Untitled” file and second “PAUSE” for (0.5sec).
It looks like this screen shot.

I hope it did not upset you.

Yours, WAKAMATSU Kunimitsu

A General System Preference controls this; don’t check close windows when closing document if you want to reopen documents when returning to Tinderbox.

Dear eastgate.

Dear Mark Anderson or everyone concerned.

Thanks a lot for your advice.

This may be only proper.

I will do this suggested way, too.

At the same time, to make a choice between multiple recent files,

one of the macro of Keyboard Maestro goes a long way toward for me.

I am afraid that to say unnecessary things, but

If the occasion arises for whom someone’s reference,

I will enclose the screen shot which I have a advantage for behavior.

Thank you for being so understanding.

Might be MYOB (???)

Yours, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu


Thank you so much for this! And thanks to Wakamatsu for posting this question. It has been a large pain point for me with Tinderbox, because my MacPro 2013 requires rebooting several times a day (due to random USB port lockups), and getting things going again has been slowed by this behavior of Tinderbox. I had to close the New window, and open my recent file again constantly! I’m so glad to have this fixed!