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How can the flag's icon width be managed (increased/decreased) to fit the text

I’ve read the tutorial for flags available by the link below, but can’t find the solution for managing the flag’s icon side to fit the text. For example, how can I make the word “Read” to be visible inside of the flag’s icon?

The example Flags attribute is " white:Read.green; "


Flags are fixed size, as noted the maximum number of characters allowed is three as noted here. I’ve checked and text in flags scales with zoom level.

The ellipsis you see in your screen grab is because if you exceed the expected/documented maximum three text characters, the label cannot fit the fixed-dimension flag.

So there is no error here—by you or the app. Rather, you are unwittingly assuming a feature that doesn’t exist. My recollection is that characters in flags were never intended for actual words (e.g. ‘read’ or ‘review’) but for codes such as “A1” or “BZ” where the characters and not words imply meaning.

If you have use case for a feature where flags must support words, by all means email tinderbox@eastgate.com with your use case and supporting info.

Don’t overlook subtitles as a possible alternate route.

So, sorry your issue is not fixable, even if for reasons that there is nothing to fix. But, I hope that’s helped.

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Thank you for the quick reply, Mark.

It’s not an issue yet, rather me trying to explore the possibilities for my workflows.
If I’ll have a strong use case for displaying some longer word(s) inside of the flag’s icon - I’ll provide it to the email.

From what I’m guessing right now is to use the flag’s icon’s text as a sort of programmable and more flexible substitution for Badges. But I’m just discovering at this stage, maybe I’ll find a better solution later that will work out of the box.

Yes, possible. But resist the temptation to then build that to something really complex. Flags are, I believe, a siple configurable form of visual tellback (only visible in Map view). Can you do complex programming of flags. Yes. But: should you? I’d suggest not. If going that route, I’d do a lot of small-scale testing before relying on this running at scale as likely you’ll have lots of rules or agents needed to and then you’re wondering why things are slowing up.

It might help to know what sort of info you want the flags to indicate and how often that info changes for the average note. With better understanding, there might be a better alternative approach. That’s no to be negative, but to reflect past mis-steps of my own where I doubled down in an unproductive way on the feature I was currently experimenting with rather than draw back and look at the overall task and consider which affordances in Tinderbox best supported that use case.


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